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309 Gretna Boulevard
Gretna, LA 70053

(504) 366-5611

Welcome to DiMarco Dental

Your smile is one of the most important features of you!  DiMarco Dental provides a holistic approach to dental health.   It is best to enhance and perfect the smile that you were born with, but often that’s not an option.  We love creating and keeping beautiful smiles. 

Many other health problems can manifest in the mouth.  It is important to continue to see a dentist every 6 months especially if you are a high risk patient with other health problems or take medication with side effects that affect your oral health.

DiMarco Dental is a located in Gretna, Louisiana.  Conveniently situated only 7 minutes from the CBD right off the Crescent City Connection.   DiMarco Dental is a gem of a practice providing quality care for over 50 years in a warm and friendly family environment.    

Meet Dr. Damon DiMarco

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